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Marketplace platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, e-bay, Snapdeal etc. provide an easy way to sell and manage your products online without the need of any separate website building

Why prefer marketplace platforms or Advantages of Marketplace?

  • Around 75% of the world e-commerce transactions are happening through these platforms
  • These platforms are rich in SEO and have good ranking in the world wide web
  • Huge discounts which attract the customers
  • Good Marketing Strategies
  • Product Category Managers for every point of marketing executions
  • Easy Shipping Process
  • Less chances of Return or Return/Replacement insurance
  • Few other points also to consider
    • New Sales Channel
    • No Upfront Investment
    • Simple Costing
    • Secure Payments
    • Ease of Use
    • 99.7% of all the Pin Codes in India are deliverable with easy-ship model

Disadvantages of Market Place

  • You need to agree to terms and conditions to sell your products
  • There is a very limited access or even no permission to Customer Database
  • Have to be very alert to the event notifications for Opting in the discounts- Planning ahead for the events and promotions in terms of Stock, pricing etc..
  • A few platforms have very bad customer support (Ex: Flipkart)

For a Company to sell their products online, can do it in 3 ways:

  1. Internal Marketing (Online e-commerce Website)
  2. External Marketing (Marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, Moglix..)
  3. Through Third-Party Applications (Not suggested)

1. Internal Marketing

You are the Boss. You control everything on your terms and conditions until they are under the legal terms of government. Needs your own website. Lots of work on the website such as : SEO & SEM, Listing of products, Pricing and strategy, Banners work, Logistics for Delivery of orders, Source channels to drive traffic to the website, Integration of Google Analytics, AdWords for analysis, Manually prepare Analytics reports, Metrics, Performance reports, Sales Reports etc..

2. External Marketing

You need to agree to terms and conditions to sell your products. Platforms are SEO ready and have their own Dashboards to manage all kinds of: Analytics, Metrics, Reports – Performance, Sales, Order, Ads Management, Logistics, warehouse and Shipping facility. With help of Social Media promotions, you can also increase the traffic to your products.